Various Artists : Austin Powers In Goldmember OST

Summer blockbuster. Average soundtrack...

‘Austin Powers’. On one hand the justification for retards at parties to dress in purple and scream “Yeah baby yeah!” in the absurd belief that it’ll inspire somebody to suck their tiny cock. On the other, a work of genius.

Much the same story on the soundtrack, really, with the bad (Paul Oakenfold’s retarded ‘1975’, Smash Mouth’s tiny-cocked ‘Ain’t No Mystery’) sat uneasily next to moments of genius – Foxxy Cleopatra and Solange’s ‘Hey Goldmember’ ([I]”He’s got the Midas touch, but he touched it too much”[/I]), Dre

redoing theStones’ ‘Miss You’, and [a][/a] reworking their existing production onBritney’s ‘Boys’. Dr Evil’s Jay-Z

track is quite funny too, but will doubtless be ruined by some purple-suited c–t at your next office party.

Peter Robinson