Bowling For Soup : Drunk Enough To Dance

Good-time Texan rock

Bowling For Soup are three fat blokes and one really fat bloke from Texas who play über-geeky pop-punk so wet, they make Wheatus sound like Henry Rollins.

On the opening ‘Drunk Enough To Dance’, they show just how low they’re willing to go: “She makes me wanna be a homosexual,” simpers frontman Jaret Von Erich, “maybe I’d see her naked once in a while.” But behind Bowling For Soup’s wet-behind-the-ears naivety, you’ll find a finely-honed feel for the addictive punk thrill. ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want’ is The Offspring’s ‘Want You Bad’ with added ‘Teenage Kicks’ mope-factor, while ‘Greatest Day’ finds them turning that frown upside down and burning down the freeway in an explosion of pearly-white optimism. The big lunks.

Louis Pattison