(Spunge) : The Story So Far

Ska-punks' third "effort"

News travels slowly in Cheltenham. Hence resident jesters (spunge), who continue to romp through their knackered ska-punk routine like the bubonic plague never went out of fashion. With its deluge of bone-brained brass and braces-twanging asininity, this is the stuff of Less Than Jake‘s nightmares. Indeed, the only genuine giggles to be prised from this festering arse-sore of futility are the bits where Alex Copeland’s accent escapes from Billie Joe Armstrong’s shorts and makes a desperate sprint for Cheltenham’s financial district. Evidently, you can take the ska-punk buffoon out of the posh spa town, but you can’t take the posh spa town out of the ska-punk buffoon. “It’s over” they honk, meekly, on ‘It’s Over’. For once, they got it right.

Sarah Dempster