The Sebadoh

A rock'n'roll supergroup, featuring members of [a]Low[/a] (bassist [B]Zak Sally[/B]) and [B]godheadSilo[/B] ([B]Mike Kunka[/B]), they're a band on a sick mission...

Imagine a bull running repeatedly into a brick wall. That’s what Enemy Mine sound like. A rock’n’roll supergroup, featuring members of [a]Low[/a] (bassist Zak Sally) and godheadSilo (Mike Kunka), they’re a band on a sick mission.

Their plan: to make angry, colossally-distorted music that feels like a bag of nine-inch nails exploding in your brain. How this will be achieved: by forming a juggernaut power trio with two (yes, two!) bassists. The result: this, their 20-minute debut mini-album – all the screaming you could ever want. Or your money back.

‘Aaaaargggghhhh!!!!’ That’s track two (‘trcr’). ‘Aaaaargggghhhh! Aaaahh!’ That’s track five (‘Dent Everything’). Intermittently, Enemy Mine prove that they can do quiet if required (the beautiful instrumental drone of the opening ‘Apartmentalize’, the two-note Suicide buzz of ‘Evaporate’), it’s just they don’t want to.

And why should they? The majority of this record is brutal, muscular and scientifically designed to make your ears bleed. It ends with ‘No Comply’, four minutes of vicious, bloody-minded fury that only serves to highlight the band’s commitment to their masterplan. If played loud enough, it will make you feel like you’ve just been hit in the face with a spade.

Just make sure you’ve got some aspirins to hand.