Catatonia : Greatest Hits

Exactly that. And pretty good, too

To their detractors, Catatonia were little more than sturdy student-union indie but the presence of Cerys Matthews always elevated them above the Britpop rank-and-file. It’s hard to be workmanlike when you’re dressed like a thrift-store Shirley Bassey, for a start – a voice like an angel pickled in brandy really gets you thrown off the musical building site. Songs like ‘Mulder And Scully’ and ‘Road Rage’ now seem like little more than fodder for nostalgia TV yet to come but ‘Lost Cat’, ‘You’ve Got A Lot To Answer For’ and ‘Road Rage’ show depths beyond the lazy television researcher’s imagination.

They might not have been missed desperately since they split last year, but this collection prove that among the bricks-and-mortar of their chart-indie contemporaries, they were strange glue indeed.