Adamson, Barry : King Of Nothing Hill

Ex-Bad Seed's seventh album. Funky.

Imaginary films have a hard time of it. There they are, happily not existing, when the likes of Barry Adamson come along and create soundtracks for them. Fans of the Mancunian mood sculptor will see this lavishly packaged collection as the latest step in securing Bazza’s reputation as the North West’s sardonic answer to Barry White. The rest of us will nod in appreciation of his contemporary assimilation of Sly, Marvin, Ike and the gang and concur that yes, it would be a fine idea to shoot an updated Performance in a gritty, fictional W11 setting with a slippery blaxploitation soundtrack. Yeah, even with Barry’s penchant for growling like Isaac Hayes, that would be very cool indeed.

Now, can we get back to business?

Jason Fox