Gray, David : A New Day At Midnight

'Babylon' hitmaker hits the skids

Cursed with ‘Babylon’, a hit single a million times bigger than its creator, ‘A New Day At Midnight’ – the follow up to the multi-million shifting ‘White Ladder’ – tacitly acknowledges that for David Gray the only way is down. With a sleeve so nondescript you can smell defeat a mile away, ‘A New Day’ is billed as a ‘difficult’ record – a euphemism for one with no tunes – and sees Gray retreating to the world of nondescript singer-songwriters that spawned him. As uncharismatic as its creator, it’s certainly boring, but no more so than anything Richard Ashcroft has come up with.”Take your eyes off me,” sings Gray on ‘Freedom’, “There’s nothing here to see.” Got it in one there feller, but at least he has the guts to admit it.

Jim Wirth