The Sights : Got What We Want

...a revelation...

Anyone who thought Detroit’s rock’n’roll production line was in danger of seizing up for another 20 years in the wake of The White Stripes is in for a real shock when they hear this.

The Sights are four 20-something kids fronted by the sharpy talented Eddie Baranek. Despite their comparative youth, this is already their second album following on from 1999’s rough and ready ‘Are You Green?’

Still, what a difference a couple of years can make. ‘Got What We Want’ is a revelation – a treasure trove of sparky and wildly immediate songwriting. Taking its cue from scuzzed ’60s beatpop, it manages to cram echoes of Supergrass, The Who and (soon-to-be-hip-again) ’70s rockers Humble Pie into its 11 tracks. It’s the coolest and most accomplished rock’n’roll record to come out of Detroit since ‘White Blood Cells’.

James Oldham