2-Pac : Better Days

Yet more material from the murdered rap superstar

It’s all quite impressive. Tupac has now made almost as many albums since 1996 as Jay-Z has, and also according to the inner sleeve, got engagements booked until the beginning of 2004, too. Nothing in his life was certain, but in his death, Tupac shifts units in the most reliable way possible.

A shame then, that though his status should be undiminished (a quick recap: Tupac never had the greatest flow and was an often sentimental lyricist, but his bad boy charisma was huge, and this still appeals), his music should have dated so badly. Musically souped up though ‘Better Days’ is, straight-up, on the block, bitches-and-niggas Thug Life rapping like ‘Fuck Em All’ can’t help but sound very dated indeed.

Time, basically, has moved on. A luxury not afforded Tupac, unfortunately.

John Robinson