The Orbit Of Eternal Grace

Experimental music is great for the brain, isn't it? ...

EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC IS GREAT FOR THE brain, isn’t it? Not the sound of it particularly. It’s the constant mental vigilance required that’s so healthy, figuring out whether they’re actually taking the piss or not.

Sometime Stereolab collaborators and all-round cheeky left-field scamps Mouse On Mars have always had a certain leg-pulling element to their dance music. So, when we hear that ‘Glam’ is alleged to be the soundtrack to a mysterious American porno flick that never even went straight to video, we can be forgiven for being somewhat suspicious.

On the whole, it’s hard to imagine the refined melodies and ambient tapestries in evidence here sparking off public carnal abandon of any description. The rampant beatfest ‘Tiplet Metal Plate’ probably comes closest. But only if you fancy shagging on sandpaper sheets – that’s what it sounds like, at least – and never last beyond a minute. Barry White it ain’t.

Neither is it anywhere near as frisky and excitable as their last album proper, ‘Autoditacker’. The album’s closing track, ‘Glim’, is the only thing here that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on it. This is the Cologne-based duo at their most relaxed – the beautiful ‘Litamin’ and ‘Tankpark’ are more static than slow – and showing scant concern for the neat pop peaks they have been known to reach.

Still, the skin flick trade’s loss – or not – is our gain.