Beaucoup Fish

They've got a very trad sense of rock'n'roll that goes well with singer [B]Geoff[/B]'s baby [B]Rod Stewart[/B] delivery...

If gum-chewing were to become an Olympic sport, Britain need look no further. Owners of permanent sneers, perpetually masticating of mouth and parading a collection of scally anoraks that would put Manchester’s Arndale Centre to shame, Sheffield’s [a]Sea Fruit[/a] would appear to be following the strutting indie blueprint to the letter. Looks, though, can be deceptive.

After debuting at In The City three years ago, they got signed, and then dumped their entire set. This wasn’t an altogether smart move. Because, instead of coming out blazing with the songs they’ve been working on all their lives, [a]Sea Fruit[/a] are too concerned with being over-elaborate, occasionally even careering deep into prog-country – where, really, no-one wants to go.

There are hints, however, of what might have been if they hadn’t got bogged down in the details. They’ve got a very trad sense of rock’n’roll that goes well with singer Geoff‘s baby Rod Stewart delivery, but buried deep within the likes of ‘Air’ and ‘Truth Or Lies’ are moments of Human League keyboard catchiness, and hints of Blur and [I]Pulp[/I] at their most art-pop. None of which gains them a gold medal, but offers plenty to chew over. Not all of it palatable.