Super Furry Animals : Phantom Phorce

2003 LP 'Phantom Power' farmed out to host of different remixers...

Hearing a rock band get the remix treatment is usually a mildly diverting experience rather than a life-changing one. So it’s an extremely pleasant surprise to be faced with a whole album of the buggers

(which initially appeared on [a]Super Furry Animals[/a]’s ‘Phantom Power’ DVD last year) and be thoroughly entertained.

We should be thankful that almost all the contributors

share the Furries’ spirit of sonic adventure – Mario Caldato

Jr’s flute-frenzied ‘Liberty Belle’, [a]Four Tet[/a]’s deft electro deconstruction of ‘The Piccolo Snare’ and Killa Kela’s beatbox-driven ‘Golden Retriever’ in particular deserve to be heard by

a wider audience.

The album is coming out on the band’s own label, with

the promise of brand new material appearing on Sony later in the year. But until then, this is more than enough.

Alan Woodhouse