Snatch this record art? Or is it utter, utter arse?...

All art begins with a question. So here are a few: is the current noise revolution the dawn of a brave new world of musical possibility? Or is it actually just a bunch of bored, balding men blowing sonic raspberries at one another? More specifically, is this record art? Or is it utter, utter arse?

These are the dilemmas that experimental DJ Speedranch and sound terrorist Jansky Noise quite literally throw up in your face with every blast of their 68-minute long-player. There are no songs here as such, just 22 tracks of punishing sound collages that sample, loop, and generally fuck with music as we know it. They steal liberally from other people’s records and films, without apology. They set bagpipes against death metal, ‘Land Of Hope And Glory’ against hydraulic hiss, 2,000 puny years of human culture against the clank of malevolent machinery. It’s pure punk rock: confrontational, apoplectic, revolutionary. But it’s prog rock, too: fundamentally self-indulgent, convoluted, [I]conceptual[/I], man. Sometimes, though, S&JN stop throwing their toys out the pram long enough to be sad: on track ten, stately strings grind against sputtering, failing circuits, like a requiem for [I]Robocop.[/I]

You can tell this album was a lot of fun to make; the techno equivalent of smashing up guitars. Yet the pleasure of its consumption is fraught with contradictions. You glory in its subversiveness. But you will never listen to it again. Use once and DESTROY!!!