Black Foliage

How much Can can you stand? (man)...

How much [a]Can[/a]? You’re up to your neck in it. Absolutely full-to-burst sated with[a]Can[/a]. Waist-deep in Can. Gluttonously, absolutely fucking stuffed with [a]Can[/a]. Someone asks you how much [a]Can[/a] you’ve got, you show them this. You go: “This is how much [a]Can[/a] I’ve got, mate.”

And they will swoon and say, yes, this is indeed a person with a load of experimental German music from the ’70s in a nice box commemorating the group’s 30th anniversary. Not just a double-CD live album featuring the group in their noodlesome 1975 incarnation, and in their more impressive 1972 Damo Suzuki form. No! Not enough [a]Can[/a]! Not just a book in three languages telling you about [a]Can[/a]. No way! Not enough [a]Can[/a]! What about a video? OK! Here’s a video! Hours of documentary and live stuff! About [a]Can[/a]!

It’s a lot about [a]Can[/a]. And, rather like those plastic Fisher-Price toys with bells, rotating circles and mild electric shocks that keep toddlers amused until they’re old enough to break windows, this is an object that can keep its designated target market of 27-year-olds loudly and repetitively entertained until they think it’s time to listen to jazz.

“That 11th minute of ‘Yoo Doo Right’ live at the Croydon Greyhound, 1975,” they are saying. “It’s like you were almost there.”