Various Artists: ‘Out Of The Woods And Trees’

'The Pigeon Detectives and Howling Bells contribute tracks'

New Yorkshire’s temperature might have cooled somewhat over the past 18 months, but its premier label Dance To The Radio continues to stake its claim to be taken seriously. This new collection of new and old friends proves there are still plenty of curiosities lurking within Whiskas’ beard. Impressively, most of the 20 bands here offer up their own unique take on the label’s inventive strain of art rock, whether they be countrified (The Wallbirds), sleek (Shut Your Eyes And You’ll Burst Into Flames) or space-rocky (You Slut!). Elsewhere, better-known friends and family such as ¡Forward, Russia!, The Pigeon Detectives and Howling Bells contribute tracks, and while the quality sometimes lacks, you’d struggle to find a more enjoyable round-up of contemporary indie.

Daniel Martin