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Six By Seven: 'If Symptoms Persist Kill Your Doctor'


Six By Seven: ‘If Symptoms Persist Kill Your Doctor’

Following the revival of some more renowned ’90s space rockers, Nottingham’s Six By Seven have decided to give it another go. So, if the wait for a new Spiritualized record is too much for you, or you’re a ticketless Verve fan wandering the streets, then these eight strung-out tracks of turbo-flange and mechanical Hammond-organ grind should see you right. Or stoned, at least. On ‘Push’ some of the Shamen-like lyrics bring on more of a wince than wide-eyed affirmation these days, but it’s still a pleasure to get a hit from sonic juggernauts such as ‘Radio Silence’ and ‘Liberation’ – of which the latter includes a three-and-a-half-minute intro of distant self-indulgent droning. They’ve not lost it, then. So who’ll be next to turn up on the road to sonic enlightenment and soggy flared corduroys? Ride anyone?

Matt Warwick