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The jeans industry should stop laying [I]all [/I]the blame on [B]Jeremy Clarkson[/B]....

The jeans industry should stop laying [I]all [/I]the blame on Jeremy Clarkson. Sure, seeing some old grandad parading round in them doesn’t help, but some of the culpability for the sales drop must surely lie with the complete inability of British rock to come up with anything metal enough to tempt the kids out of combat pants and back into denim.

Radiator would like to change that. And, sure enough, they [I]can [/I]rock. Their debut album – if only sporadically – proves that, as songs like ‘Give’ and ‘Amnesia’ grunt, groin-thrust, and live out all their hairy-palmed Sabbath fantasies.

The problem is that Radiator seem scared of acting like the gonzoid rock pigs we want them to be. So when they should be hoicking a foot onto the monitor and turning the amps up to 11, they step back. Instead they bring in a dance element and try to sound like the Prodigy. It doesn’t work. Besides which, there’s little point when Liam Howlett‘s lot do the same thing better in reverse.

Another false dawn in the world of the headbanger then. Levi’s will just have to suffer.