Push Me Again

Imagine getting intimate with this man ...

IMAGINE GETTING INTIMATE WITH this man. This is PW Long’s second solo album, following last year’s sparse and brutal ‘We Didn’t See You On Sunday’, and it’s a return to his roots. After the relative restraint of his solo debut, here PW plunges back into the twisted backwoods blues that made his former band, Mule, one of the most unpleasant rock’n’roll groups ever to crawl out of Detroit.

‘Push Me Again’ also finds PW (his voice rotted by potato-vodka and other doubtful lifestyle choices) focusing hard on one of his favourite obsessions. PW, you see, loves women. Better still, he loves women in an ‘old-fashioned’ way, and this album is another elongated showcase for his unique no-nonsense approach.

To wit, [I]”I can’t stand to see no more time go by/Until I’m crawling up between the walls of your thighs”[/I] from ‘Pooh Butt’, and, [I]”Won’t you be my whore?”[/I] from ‘Eagleeye’. Terrible stuff, obviously, but as PW has spent his whole career operating on such shaky territory, he isn’t about to stop now.

While he’s ladling out the misogyny, Reelfoot (including ex-Jesus Lizard drummer Mac McNeilly) provide an astonishingly feral backdrop. The acoustic atmospherics of ‘We Didn’t See You…’ are replaced with the undiluted howl of the stop/start blues. And even though you’ve heard it all before (The Birthday Party, The Jesus Lizard etc), the sheer metallic force of the assault is breathtaking. Almost makes you forget PW’s ‘yearnings’, in fact. Which, believe us, is probably for the best.