Album review: Oceansize – ‘Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up’ (Superball)

Still gloriously unafraid to rock

Manchester rock lords Oceansize have elevated the five-mates-in-a-room-making-a-racket thing into something approaching a bloody-minded artform on their fourth album. ‘Self Preserved…’’s loose, jam-based riff colossi stand in stark relief to everyone else’s doo-wop apery or sterile poptronica. And as [b]‘Silent/Transparent’[/b] bristles with barely contained energy for eight and a half wonderful minutes and [b]‘Superimposer’[/b] and [b]‘Build Us A Rocket Then…’[/b] creep, crawl and then explode into gutsy rock thunder, the only appropriate environment to listen to this is standing on a mountain, arms gloriously aloft.

[b]Rob Parker[/b]