Album review: OK Go – Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky (Parlophone)

Our rating:

Third album still pounding the same treadmills

Judging by the evidence presented here on their third record, it would seem that sultans of slacker rock [a]OK Go[/a] are finding it hard to claw their way out of the shadow left by the treadmill-toting, highly virulent YouTube-molesting video for their 2006 single ‘[b]Here It Goes Again[/b].’ It’s not that they’re not trying – all 13 of the tracks here sound nothing like their much parodied clip. It’s just that sadly, branching out isn’t a good thing for them. While the likes of [b]‘Needing/Getting’[/b]’s splicing of pervy pop with punch-drunk sea-shanties is pleasing enough, the half-arsed slap-bass, calypso guitars and shameless aping of [a]MGMT[/a] prove that these geeks really should be jogging on now.

[b]Edwin McFee[/b]

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