Omar Rodriguez Lopez: Se Dice Bisonte, No Bufalo

Mars Volta man's tune-free jazz odyssey

Caned on the cobbles, feet dangling in a canal in Amsterdam, �Se Dice Bisonte, No Bufalo� (which we�d like to think means �bison burger twice, no mozzarella, please, guv�nor�) probably makes sense in the smokey room of Omar Rodriguez�s psyche. To any coherent mind it�s a riddle of drafty organs, wah wah and spasmodic jazz-outs which suck melody like a plague of mosquitoes. To him it�s probably a masterpiece. Still, among the indulgent Hendrix-y wig-outs there�s two digestibles, the Saharan calypso of �Lukewarm Luxury Of Infancy� and the stomachable bombast of �Please Heat This Eventually�. And, if we weren�t busy wondering what he�s been drinking during �Thermometer Drinking The Bussness Of Turnstiles� we�d be on the blower to NHS Direct. Now, pass that bottle.

Greg Cochrane