Paper Crows – ‘Build’ EP

A transcendent combination of dance and choral sounds

Beware, because something sinister lurks under every track on Paper Crows’ ‘Build’ EP. Swinging from electro dance beats (as you’d expect from a duo signed to Pete Tong’s FFRR imprint) to overarching choral sounds (on ‘Changing Colours’), it’s packed full of contradictions. These include an ill-advised rap from Major Look on ‘Happier’, which is a jarring moment. But the cover of Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Disarm’ more than makes up for it, as it’s haunting in all the right ways without detracting from the original. The four cobwebby tracks on ‘Build’ wrap themselves around you with no intention of letting go. It’s both beautiful and transcendent.

[i]Grace Carroll[/i]


Director: Paper Crows
Record label: FFRR/Warner
Release date: 09 Jul, 2012