Patti Smith proves that her talent has not faded with time

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Patti Smith - 'Banga'


Patti Smith – ‘Banga’

Of the most recent phases of Patti Smith’s musical output (always surprising since 1996’s Kurt Cobain tribute ‘Gone Again’), ‘Banga’ is by far the most successful. On it she strikes a compelling balance between poetry and musicality. The instrumentation soundtracks the imagery, rather than simply buffering it with noise. Like murder ballads turned on their heads, she offers a message of hope in a world of turmoil. Vocally, she is at her softest and strongest. And nostalgia is irrelevant here – Patti Smith is more than a mere footnote in musical history; she’s as important now as she was when she was kicking up dust at CBGB.
[i]Hayley Avron[/i]


Director:Patti Smith, Tony Shanahan, Jay Dee Daugherty, Lenny Kaye
Record label:Columbia
Release date:04 Jun, 2012