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Album Review: Picastro - 'Become Secret'


Album Review: Picastro – ‘Become Secret’

We’ve got the apocalypse all wrong. There’ll be no devastation or nomadic hordes of men gnawing babies’ toes. Instead humanity will peter out with a whimper. In the final days, small pockets will remain, and their final laments of our history will sound something like [b]Picastro[/b]. Haunting mantras [b]‘Split Head’[/b] and [b]‘A Dune A Doom’[/b] are all mournful chanting piano that rumbles on the edge of a tune, broad brushstrokes of cello and guitar plucked with the weariness of imminent doom, sung by the deathly Liz Hysen, her vocals an unholy wedding of hippy nihilism and goth. End-time celebrating religious nutbars won’t be finding much eternal hope here, but for everyone else, a perfect soundtrack to the approaching void.

[b]Luke Turner[/b]

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