Album Review: Poly Styrene – Generation Indigo (Future Noise Project)

A shudder of embarrassment or just good fun?

Marian Joan Elliott-Said, [a]Poly Styrene[/a] to you, is one of punk’s great cult icons. Her band [a]X-Ray Spex[/a] was one of the most inventive and fun of the era. Her first record in aeons, [b]‘Generation Indigo’[/b] provides ample proof of both aforementioned claims.

Now in her mid-fifties, she’s made a record both defiant and full of grace and maturity. For one thing, it has a song entitled [b]‘I Luv Ur Sneakers’[/b]. For another it has a song whose chorus repeats, “[i]I’m a little bit kitsch/I’m a little bit kitsch[/i]” until Poly breaks into giggles. It’s the sort of record that may make the singer’s offspring wince “awww mum”, but most others will be thrilled by the unbridled fun.

James McMahon