Post War Years – ‘Glass House’ EP

Successfully attempts many different sounds

You could say the rampant genre-hopping of Londoners Post War Years makes them unclassifiable. Or you could say they clearly haven’t got a ruddy clue which direction to go in. Following up their 2009 debut album ‘The Greats and The Happenings’ with this EP, they swing from ‘Gloss Drop’-smothered click-clacking (‘Glass House’) to Arcade Fire-via-Foals army march (‘Brazil’) to LCD Soundsystem synth-dance (‘Galapagos’) to the chopped-up, Breton-like shudder-rock of ‘Mirror (Roam)’: four handbrake turns that hardly make this the most cohesive of records. The thing is, they do all of them really well. So yeah, unclassifiable. But successful.

[i]Jamie Fullerton[/i]


Director: James Rutledge
Record label: Chess Club
Release date: 16 Jul, 2012