Album Review: Retribution Gospel Choir – ‘2’


Low frontman Alan Sparhark returns with a vengence

As [b]Franz[/b] and [b]Xenomania[/b] showed, attempts to cajole pop into bed are often ill-fated, so when [b]RGC[/b] roped in [b]Matt Beckley[/b] (who worked on [b]Paris Hilton[/b]’s debut) to mix their second record, hackles were raised. No fear, though – they might have lost the warm haze of former producer and [b]Sun Kil Moon[/b] frontman [b]Mark Kozelek[/b]’s fair hand, but they tread a similar, if crisper, path here. Carried by [a]Low[/a] frontman [b]Alan Sparhawk[/b]’s unique voice, [b]‘2’[/b] grinds along with pick-up truck resilience and Cadillac tailfin melodic flourishes, veering between powerful songs of damnation and stormers like opener [b]‘Hide It Away’[/b]. Only problem is, its greatness won’t half make you long for a new [b]Low[/b] record.

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]

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