Album Review: Richard Young – ‘Amplifying Host’

English folk riddled with American blues

He might have been born in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, but [a]Richard Youngs[/a]’ music imagines an England after a global warming catastrophe has turned the south of our country into a fly-blown dust bowl.

The music of [b]‘Amplifying Host’[/b] blends baked American blues with the ghosts of this island’s folk tradition to wonderful effect, especially on [b]‘Tessellations’[/b], which is like coming across a bedraggled family cooking beans around a campfire in the tinder-dry ruins of what was once a chocolate-box timber-framed cottage. [b]‘A Hole In The Earth’[/b] is a mournful despairing for water: subterranean Home Counties blues, if you will.

Luke Turner

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