Album Review: Rival Schools – Pedals (Photo Finish/ Atlantic)

Out of hibernation and lost in the expanse of new sounds

Almost 10 years on from their cult masterwork [b]‘United By Fate’[/b], [a]Rival Schools[/a] have finally returned from an inexplicably long hiatus to demonstrate why they’re such luminaries for today’s post-hardcore hordes.

At the very least, [b]‘Pedals’[/b] proves that frontman [b]Walter Schreifels[/b] has retained his ear for a good tune; the likes of [b]‘Eyes Wide Open’[/b] and the much gentler [b]‘Racing To Red Lights’[/b] boast the sort of shimmering choruses that remind you why these New Yorkers once seemed destined to lead the hoodie-clad invasion of the mainstream.

But you can’t help but feel that [b]‘Pedals’[/b] would be more of a big deal if it was still 2003.

Hardeep Phull


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