Robots In Disguise

We’re In The Music Biz

The missing link between Peaches, Le Tigre and Princess Superstar (and sometime bit players in The Mighty Boosh alterni-verse), Robots In Disguise should be massive. Or at least as big as any of that synthetic sisterhood – ‘The DJ’s Got A Gun’ is a lost classic of mid-noughties disco-punk, while 2005’s ‘Get RID!’ was a great DIY pop album. Too often in electro songwriting comes a poor second to making a gobby racket, but Dee Plume and Sue Denim deliver surprisingly clever, durable tunes that are nonetheless popping at their roughly soldered joints. ‘Can’t Stop Getting Wasted’ is Girls Aloud stripped of their gloss (“look at me, crashed out, face down in sick”); and how can you not love a band who open ‘Don’t Copy Me’ with the put down: “Was your hair cut by the council?/Two-in-one, Louise Brooks and Shirley Temple”?

Tony Naylor