Album review: Robyn – Body Talk Pt 2 (Konichiwa/Island)

Sweden's first lady returns with the second instalment of the unrelentingly brilliant Body Talk trilogy

There won’t be a better single this year than [b]‘Dancing On My Own’[/b], so [a]Robyn[/a] always ran the risk of besting herself before the [b]‘Body Talk’[/b] trilogy was even underway. As the [i]Empire Strikes Back[/i] of proceedings, [b]‘…Pt 2’[/b] doesn’t quite end with a severed hand, but it does swing a little lower with an awesomeness that tries less hard to be liked straight away. This means digitised stop-start funk ([b]‘Include Me Out’[/b]), [a]Diplo[/a]-assisted heavy pop ([b]‘Criminal Intent’[/b]), woofy bass-rave mantras ([b]‘We Dance To The Beat’[/b]) and euphoric self-help disco ([b]‘Love Kills’[/b]). All this, a guest spot from Snoop, and another standard issue crying-on-the-dancefloor stomper in [b]‘Hang With Me’[/b], beefed up from the acoustic version on [b]‘…Pt 1’[/b]. The acoustic track here, [b]‘Indestructible’[/b], must surely be destined for even bigger melancholic heft before the year is out. With not a single duffer over another eight tracks, it looks like our eventual Best Of Body Talk compilation might just be the album of the year.

[b]Dan Martin[/b]