Album Reviews: Rufus Wainwright – ‘All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu’ (Polydor)

A disappointing return for Wainwright

Where his last album collapsed under the weight of opulent arrangements that disguised the fact it only had one great tune, this is just Rufus and a piano. Or Rufus! Naked! as many a fan will shiver in anticipation. At times it reaches the heights of the [b]‘Want…’[/b] diptych: [b]‘Who Are You New York?’[/b] is a swirling paean to the Big Apple and [b]‘Zebulon’[/b] has a stately melancholy that would make a statue weep. Elsewhere, however, it disappoints. The glitzy froth of [b]‘Give Me What I Want And GIve It To Me Now!’[/b] is an annoying party piece and the three (three!) arrangements of Shakespeare’s sonnets are passionless exercises. So one third’s great and two thirds grate, which is an improvement at least.

[b]Anthony Thornton[/b]

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