Sarabeth Tucek

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Sarabeth Tucek

The term ‘singer-songwriter’ has become cheapened in recent years thanks to Blunt and Tunstall. Even the charisma vacuum Remi Nicole describes herself as such, probably because it takes up less space than

‘I went to stage school but all I got was lousy parts, but Lily Allen did alright so I thought I’d have a go’. However, LA-based Sarabeth Tucek – already championed by everyone from Smog and The Brian Jonestown Massacre to Bob Dylan – is a singer-songwriter in the proper sense, a cross between the icy cool of Nico and Neil Young circa his so-called ‘doom trilogy’ of the mid-’70s. Accordingly, the songs on her debut range from bittersweet (the amazing ‘Something For You’, which first attracted NME’s attention when released as a limited single earlier this year)

to downright murderous (‘Holy Smoke’), but they are never less than absolutely stunning.

Gordon Freame