Album review: Savoir Adore – ‘In The Wooded Forest’ (Cantora)

Charmingly weird folk-pop duo make a bright start

There’s been plenty of chatter about Brooklyn duo Deirdre Muro and Paul Hammer since the teacher-shags-student concept pop of their debut EP [b]‘The Adventures of Mr Pumpernickel And The Girl With Animals In Her Throat’[/b]. Musically and lyrically brave, much of the listening pleasure lay in the bash-it-out ethos of the recordings. Just as charming and weirdly otherworldly, this debut proper reaches up to the higher branches with a more measured approach. Roomy to the tune of 14 tracks, Muro and Hammer bob and weave through technophobic horror tales and secret death pacts, skipping through straight-up folk, cutesy pie electro-pop and loopy ethereal warblings that sound like they’re beating [a]Joanna Newsom[/a] to death with a heavy book.

[b]Mike Williams[/b]