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Shed - 'The Killer'


Shed – ‘The Killer’

In 2008’s ‘Shedding The Past’, Rene ‘Shed’ Pawlowitz produced the essential document of Berghain-era dub-techno. Since then, he has increasingly woven elements of the hardcore continuum (rave cadences, breakbeats, dubstep, swung drums) into his raw, visceral work. This album is the bonanza pay-out on that process. Historically, hard Berlin techno was the sound of a scarred city, a music both haunted by and seeking to escape turbulent history, but, here, Shed makes a definitive break with the past. ‘The Killer’ starts out monumentally grave, but by its close the sunlight is flooding in. Listen loud to what, alongside Actress’ ‘RIP’, will vie for techno album of 2012.

[i]Tony Naylor[/i]


Record label:50 Weapons
Release date:23 Jul, 2012