Album review: Sky Larkin – ‘Kaleide’ (Wichita)

Leeds three-piece ride comeback wave with ease

Retaining your sprightly playfulness while making a mature comeback isn’t easy, but [a]Sky Larkin[/a] straddle the two with ease. ‘[b]Tiny Heist[/b]’ deals with adult aspirations while skipping from post-punk drumming to brightly galloping guitar, and [b]Katie Larkin[/b]’s blithe lyrical technique often points to a much deeper truth, as on ‘[b]ATM[/b]’ – “[i]Was I harrowed to the marrow when I felt shallow to the shock?[/i]” The only letdown is ‘[b]Anjelica Huston[/b]’, the Addams Family matriarch’s name intoned ad nauseam. Musically it’s brilliant though, military drums and stabbing organs throwing hints to [a]Arcade Fire[/a]. “[i]I know there’s potential[/i]”, she sings on ‘[b]Still Windmills[/b]’. Sky Larkin have it in spades.

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]

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