Sleepy Sun – ‘Spine Hits’

The band have taken a step backwards

Despite co-singer Rachel Fannan leaving under a black cloud during a 2010 US tour, Sleepy Sun appear determined to continue unabated their transition from hard rock to softer psychedelic fare on ‘Spine Hits’. Trouble is, while the overall sound is brighter, it’s also largely rather weedy, and trading in the once colossal stoner riffs for languid neo-folk doesn’t really suit this five-piece all that well. When they do stretch out, such as on the likes of ‘Martyr’s Mantra’, there are flashes of their latent magic to be heard, but exactly what use is progress if you end up sounding like a bantamweight Fleet Foxes?

[i]Tom Edwards[/i]


Director: Dave Catching
Record label: ATP
Release date: 09 Apr, 2012