Album Review: So So Modern – ‘Crude Futures’ (Transgressive)

A rock ensemble with one foot firmly in the past

They’re deceptive, this bunch from New Zealand. On the one hand they are deserving of their (rather naff) moniker. There are very few bands that can weld together successfully the disruptive qualities of post-punk with the discipline of math-rock. [b]SSM[/b] not only achieve this, they punctuate it with the odd electronic beat here and there to make it sound like they’ve reinvented the wheel in surround sound, as on [b]‘Berlin’[/b]. But the way they borrow so carelessly from [b]At The Drive-In[/b]’s frenetic sound on [b]‘Dendrons’[/b], and tread where bands such as [a]Foals[/a] and [b]Kubichek![/b] have already left their own very memorable shouty impressions, still leaves us unsure as to what the future really holds for [b]So So Modern[/b].

[b]Ash Dosanjh[/b]

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