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Most Of The Remixes…

This double-CD compilation is the Belgian duo’s attempt to cram most of their remixes into one place. While they’re as stupendous as we’ve come to expect from Soulwax, it’s the second CD, a continuous 2ManyDJs mix, that really makes this worth the money. It’s where Sugababes sit next to Justice and Robbie Williams almost goes by unnoticed. It’s where Klaxons gain a phantom percussionist (‘Gravity’s Rainbow’) and ghosts from indie past are resurrected (Ladytron’s ‘Seventeen’). Gorillaz, Tiga, Hot Chip, they’re all here. The duo admit that among these remixes are some that they did because they just wanted to, some they wanted to because they got paid and some they did for their mates – have fun guessing which is which. This is the perfect party mix and as good as the numerous ‘As Heard On Radio Soulwax’ compilations we all paid over the odds for.

Tim Chester