Spank Rock


Have you ever cut your Mandy with a quart of Viagra and wandered onto a dancefloor in an attempt to fubb yourself off on the thighs of unwitting strangers? No? Oh, er, us neither. But, if you were going to sexually abuse a whole room of sweaty clubbers then make sure it’s to a Spank Rock DJ set. Whether they’re flushing fresh blood into 2006’s disco fuckathons like CSS’ ‘Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above’ or Hot Chip’s ‘Over And Over’, slipping a hand up the skirt of hipster icons (Uffie/Bonde Do Role), or blowing gak up the arse of electro icons like Tangerine Dream – this Baltimore bass crew do it all with sleazy class. More likely to get you laid than a record deal, a motorbike and a sick pair of shades.

Alex Miller