Another attempt at '80s grandeur, but both spirit and flesh are weak

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Album review: Spirits - 'Spirits' (Sonic Unyon)


Album review: Spirits – ‘Spirits’ (Sonic Unyon)

Look, it’s not like we’re saying that Spirits should be killed or anything, perhaps just dropped off at a coach station dressed as clowns wearing sandwich boards declaring, “I DID YER MA”. For a trio who dress variously like a Darwin Deez impersonator, the drug-addled hairdresser from Saxondale and a man who spends his days sitting on a park bench crying, they actually somehow sound a lot worse than they look. Their attempt to cover as many ’80s stylistic bases as possible, ranging from their passable [a]Talk Talk[/a] pastiche ([b]‘Open The Door’[/b]) to the nauseating [a]U2[/a] rip ([b]‘When The Sun Gets In My Eyes’[/b]), is as obvious as it is irritating.

[b]John Doran[/b]