Album review: Spirits – ‘Spirits’ (Sonic Unyon)

Another attempt at '80s grandeur, but both spirit and flesh are weak

Look, it’s not like we’re saying that Spirits should be killed or anything, perhaps just dropped off at a coach station dressed as clowns wearing sandwich boards declaring, “I DID YER MA”. For a trio who dress variously like a Darwin Deez impersonator, the drug-addled hairdresser from Saxondale and a man who spends his days sitting on a park bench crying, they actually somehow sound a lot worse than they look. Their attempt to cover as many ’80s stylistic bases as possible, ranging from their passable [a]Talk Talk[/a] pastiche ([b]‘Open The Door’[/b]) to the nauseating [a]U2[/a] rip ([b]‘When The Sun Gets In My Eyes’[/b]), is as obvious as it is irritating.

[b]John Doran[/b]