Tacks, The Boy Disaster

Oh Beatrice

For anyone familiar with Austin’s most wonderfully bearded AOR man, tagging the phrase “featuring a founding member of Midlake” to a new release should be enough to make them hot-foot it to the record store quicker than Amy Winehouse from a Norwegian drugs enforcer. Indeed, the debut EP from former-Midlake man Evan Jacobs and his cohorts (apparently named after an old kids’ book character) won’t disappoint anyone wading in from the Midlake camp, containing a few forlornly class atmos-rock numbers that could have been born of a particularly fruitful ’Lake jam. Still, that praise belies Tacks’ individual charm – ‘Paris’ boasts beautiful horror movie harp-plucks and an intrigue that’s all the band’s own. Meanwhile the brisk ‘Frozen Feet’ is an equally downbeat delight. The full album’s out next year, until then we’ll let ‘Oh, Beatrice’ keep us company.

Jamie Fullerton