Album Review: Taylor Hawkins And The Coattail Riders – ‘Red Light Fever’ (Sony)

More a work in progress

Though it can boast performances from [b]Brian May[/b] and [b]Roger Taylor[/b] of [b]Queen[/b] as well as [b]Dave Grohl[/b], [a]Foo Fighters[/a] tubthumper [b]Taylor Hawkins[/b]’ second solo effort feels more of a work in progress than the finished article. Comprised of chunky, solid classic rock riffs that will probably appeal to viewers of [i]Top Gear[/i], the record is a raspy, glam rock-tinged effort that despite its best efforts, comes off half-cocked. While the likes of [b]‘Way Down’[/b] and [b]‘James Gang’[/b] are serviceable enough, this is one time warp we don’t really want to do again.

[b]Edwin McFee[/b]