Album review: Teengirl Fantasy – 7am (Merok/True Panther Sounds)

Oberlin duo bring out the night spooks on their hazy debut

If you’ve ever chased the sunrise at an all-night rave, you’ll know that 7am sadly doesn’t usually herald a rush of transcendental tingliness with all your new best friends. Instead it’s the moment when you suddenly realise that you’re surrounded by bug-eyed gargoyles and start pining for the haven of your childhood bedroom. This is the territory of [a]Teengirl Fantasy[/a]’s amniotic comedown pop, with its disembodied divas hinting at good times past before being engulfed by a balmy diazepam chug. Like [a]Delorean[/a] or [b]Blondes[/b], these two wide-eyed Oberlin students embrace the ideals of house music rather than its actuality, all gushy rainbow breakdowns and no jagged edges. Their music could do with a few queasier/uneasier moments, the odd pang of guilt or regret. But as long as they keep caning it ’til dawn, that will soon come naturally. Teengirl Fantasy: crazy name, hazy guys.

[b]Sam Richards[/b]

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