The Apples In Stereo: New Magnetic Wonder

Unsung veteran popsters prepare for stardom

It took Pulp many years and loads of albums to turn critical acclaim into chart success, so there’s hope yet for power popsters The Apples In Stereo. ‘New Magnetic Wonder’ is the Apples’ fifth official full-length album and sees them on the verge of unshackling themselves from mere cult status. Signed to Simian Records, the label set up by doe-eyed Hollywood film star Elijah Wood, there are shades of The Flaming Lips in the all-round bonhomie created by frontman Robert Schneider and co. Guitars and vocals are layered like filo pastry to create musical tarts such as the space pop of ‘7 Stars’, while an obvious fixation with ’80s FM and prog rock manifests itself in the electro squiggles and wobbly vocals of ‘Same Old Drag’ and ‘Beautiful Machine Parts 3-4’. The big time awaits. Maybe.

Stephen Worthy