Album Review: The Besnard Lakes – ‘The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night’ (Jagjaguwar)


Teenage dreams are hard to beat

One million and one bands try to do this. And of these around one million (now that [b]Grandaddy[/b] are no more and [b]Joy Zipper[/b] are AWOL) get it horribly wrong. But Canadian husband-wife duo [b]Olga Goreas[/b] and [b]Jace Lasek[/b] get it spot on. In the past the sheer scope of their vision was sadly outstripped by their ability to realise it. But now, on their third album, the combination of Canadian indie ([b]Broken Social Scene[/b]), psychedelic ’60s rock ([b]Love[/b]), cosmic ’70s pop ([b]ELO[/b]) and shoegaze ([b]Ride[/b]) is nothing short of beautiful. Mixing rugged North American rock and folk with cosmic pop trappings makes this like the most languid teenage summer imaginable.

[b]John Doran[/b]

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