Album Review: The Candle Thieves – ‘Sunshine And Other Misfortunes’ (Carnival Town)

Fantasy pop that's jarring to say the least

The ’90s are certainly having a ‘moment’ in the pop world, but hearing [b]The Candle Thieves[/b] loot so freely from the back-catalogues of [b]Bran Van 3000[/b] and [b]Eels[/b] on their debut is jarring to say the least. Opener [b]‘We’re All Gonna Die (Have Fun)’[/b] echoes the twee toy instruments of [b]Los Campesinos![/b] but with none of their spontaneity. [b]‘The Sunshine Song’[/b] is more promising, with its fun Casio beats recalling [b]Belle & Sebastian[/b]’s cutesiness. But it’s the lyrics that throw this album into the doldrums: lines such as [i]“Shine, bright lights, shine/Don’t hurt my eyes/Been dark too long/And not at night”[/i] morphs an album that could rival [b]Owl City[/b]’s soft fantasy pop into something mundane and patronising.

[b]Nat Davies[/b]

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