Album Review: The Chapman Family – Burn Your Town Down (Pias)

Mirroring social angst with bass, drums and raucous energy on their long awaited debut effort

Buzz doesn’t last long these days. Had [b]Bowie[/b] started out a few years ago he’d have been written off by now. [a]The Chapman Family[/a] were chosen, quite rightly too, for NME’s Radar Tour, their incendiary and chaotic live performances reducing all before them to quivering goo, but that was 2009.

Acts with a career plan would look to capitalise on the exposure, knock together a record and ride the zeitgeist. Being the malcontents that they are, the Chapmans spent the best part of two years honing their debut while the fuss died down. [b]‘Burn Your Town’[/b] arrives at a time of cuts and high youth unemployment; it’s a record that mirrors the frustrations and discontentment of the disenfranchised.

“[i]And they say your best isn’t good enough[/i]”, cries out [b]Kingsley Chapman[/b] on [b]‘Anxiety’[/b], capturing the anguish of what it means to be young and unwanted. [b]‘All Fall’[/b], too, sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy that everything will end in tears.

They’re not so much fiddling while Rome burns as clattering bass and drums magnificently while they take a torch to Redcar.

Jeremy Allen


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