The Clash

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The Singles

The influence of The Clash on everybody and everything that came after is incalculable. Imagining how life would have turned out without the original politico punks is akin to considering a world without the internet – impossible and hugely frustrating. The singles in this collection, timed around the band’s 30th anniversary, are like cool old friends you wish would call more often. The punk-rock rawness of ‘White Riot’ has never been bettered, while the aeroplane-engine-like roar at the start of ‘London Calling’ remains one of rock’n’roll’s best ever two-fisted clarion calls. As well as the tunes, it’s the extras here – the sleevenotes from fans like Damon Albarn and the images of the band – that make this a must-have. Do not download it. Own it.

Paul McNamee