Album Review: The Concretes – WYWH (Something In Construction)

Despite a couple of good tracks, WYWH still feels pointless and half-arsed

It’s now two records and four years since singer Victoria Bergsman fucked off, and while she’s musically explored Pakistan on her solo project [a]Taken By Trees[/a]’ [b]‘East Of Eden[/b]’, [a]The Concretes[/a] still feel like a band that’ve had their heads lopped off but are too busy legging it around the yard to do the decent thing and drop dead. It’s not even that ‘[b]WYWH[/b]’ is that bad an album; opener ‘[b]Good Evening[/b]’ is a beautiful, brooding six-and-a-half minutes of classy slo-mo disco, while ‘[b]Oh My Love[/b]’ harks back to their Velvets-aping beginnings. It’s just that it all feels so pointless and half-arsed that it’s impossible to muster more than an apathetic shrug in judgement.

[b]Mike Williams[/b]

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